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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team Building?

Two words that strike fear in the hearts of many. Fear of being bored to death. With Total Adventures, team building isn't a sit on your duff, passive experience. Nope, we get the brain juices flowing and body involved in challenges that break down communicative and interpersonal barriers.

How do you come up with all these wacky ideas?
We have a team of monkeys sitting with sketchbooks and occasionally one of them draws a scribble which sort of looks like something. Then our highly trained design team, working with the latest technology transforms that sketch into workable plans for a challenge. Those plans are sent to a sweatsho...err...”offshore” where it becomes a game and from there it undergoes testing in several Australian Penal Colonies. If no riots ensue, the game is certified fun, and it is shipped back to the states for inclusion in a Total Adventure.

What is the difference between a Total Adventure and a “ropes course?”
During a Total Adventure your entire group is simultaneously dunked into a vat of creative challenges designed to meet your teams goals and objectives for the day. Hair brained spies, rabid naturalists, bushwhacking survivors and purple-footed grape stompers are all roles they’re likely to find themselves playing. Do you want to stand around and pick your nose while waiting to take your turn on a ropes course? Go for it. Sure they’re fun, but it is all that standing around that kills it for us.

What happens if it rains?
Generally speaking, things get wet.

What happens if it rains and I have an event scheduled?
If you do not want to get wet, you've gotta tell us at least 72 hours in advance that you’d like to postpone or cancel your event. We'll hold your deposit for up to one year in which time you'll hopefully be able to reschedule.

How do I choose the right games for my event?
Fortunately, this isn't like "The Bachelor." You don't have to pick just one game; in fact we're proud to be "polygame-ists." And unlike some game show hosts, our expert sales staff will guide you through the selection process to ensure that you find the "perfect match" for your group. We take many factors into account including your goals, group dynamics, physical limitations, MENTAL limitations, location, space available, group travel schedules, meal selection, timing, etc. The goal is to choose the challenges that meet your cognitive needs and make the most people smile!

"We'd like to launch rockets at our corporate rival's logo, is that possible?"
In a word...youfreakin’betterbelieveit! Heck, you can even crush your competition's product in our 2500-pound pneumatic Pulverizer if you so desire. Anything is possible. We'll even create an entire adventure based on your product, service, annual meeting theme or culture.

What if someone in the group doesn't want to participate?
In those rare cases we use what we like to call the buddy system. Basically, we find the most energetic person on the team and then, using the utmost care and tenderness, we duct-tape* the sourpuss, "tandem parachutist style", to the back of the go-getter. It works great!
*Due to a recent “sticky situation,” our legal department no longer allows us to duct-tape two people together...too much hair loss, or something. We are proud to announce our partnership with the CrazyGlue company.

Do you have games that work just the brain?
Yes, but if you really want to play that kind of game, why don't you just start dating someone.

What is "Brain and Body" fun?
Brain and body fun is what usually happens on the third or fourth date.

What is "Brain and Body" fun, as it relates to team building?
Brain and body fun is a phrase we use to describe certain games and challenges that equally work a person's mental capacity as well as their physical prowess. And like a third date, everyone involved gets to play and share in the fun and games.

What is a building challenge?
We have a series of games in which we supply each team with a building kit that we affectionately call "a bucket-o-crap". Depending on the challenge, these kits may contain real tools like Black & Decker Workmates, saws, power drills and vise grips; materials might include 1/2" plywood, ball bearing pulleys, drywall screws and 18" pneumatic tires. Teams use these materials to construct bizarre objects that will very often meet their doom in some form of competition of strength or speed.

How can I get more information?
Ouji Boards, Juju Priestesses, Miss Cleo and throwing chicken bones may prove useful, but they're unreliable. You're better off calling our sales staff at 800-473-2686 or filling out our online RFP. We promise you won't have to sacrifice any virgins to get some quality advice either.

What is a "group-think" game show?
On most TV game shows there is a game show host that is supposedly entertaining. Why? Because the game itself is not! A few years ago our creative team had just gotten back from their annual pilgrimage to the fourth dimension and decided they would reinvent the entire genre.'The Blender' is our exclusive multimedia game show that combines pop culture images with uproarious and irreverent questions. Unlike normal, boring game shows, we actually encourage the use of combined brainpower. Imagine a gameshow where 70 people can all play at once. This Blender is a showstopper, unlike any other game show in this, or any other dimension. Oh by the way, The Blender comes with a phenomenal host too (and he is not wearing unnatural fabrics and laughing hardest at his own jokes).

I'm on the other side of the country; can I book your games and challenges for my event?
Of course! We are like the US Marines...anytime, anywhere. (please note: we strongly recommend that you hold your next event in Hawaii where we have had an office for years. Why? We are looking a little pale at the moment and well we thought….. )

I'm not sure where I'd like to hold my event, do you have any recommendations?
Freeway on-ramps, fast-food restaurant parking lots and maximum-security prisons are all venues we do not recommend. However, we do have great relationships with 100's of venues around the country and we'd be glad to help you pick one.

Are your games dangerous?
Not particularly, but we can make them dangerous with some simple modifications and the removal of our safety protocols.

Have you ever caught anyone making "whoopee" in one of your games?
Did we mention that we sanitize our games after every event?

How do participants feel after a Total Adventure?
Some feel like a smoke, some take off to "clean their chimneys," but the vast majority are energetic and enthusiastic about the experience. (Actually most say "this was the best company event we ever had. Didn't you see the testimonials at the top of the web site?) For us it is very satisfying to see a group of individuals become a team.

Do you rent "bounce houses?"
We're not even going to dignify ourselves with a response to that. Call 1-800-astrojump.

Do you provide food too?
The only game that comes with food is Cabernet Chaos, a grape stomping game, and trust us, you don't want to eat those grapes after they've been stomped. However, we can, and have arranged for buffet lunches, box lunches, cocktail receptions, snacks and sit-down dinners. Just let us know. We have relationships with some of the best caterers in the country.

So, is this like doing those stupid compatability tests or cheesy scavenger hunt things?
Hardly. We offer a unique brand of fun that can't be duplicated. The problem with ropes courses and the like is that everyone knows what to expect. We deliver the unexpected. And we exceed expectations.

How do you deal with bad attitudes?
...tickle, torture, naked pictures of hot...

What rewards do people glean from your programs?
There are many. But most importantly, we custom design every program to address the goals and objectives of your team. The biggest reward is that we hit our mark like a guided missile time after time. We even help you make sure your goals and objectives are on target before we start our design work. A fundamental side benefit to a Total Adventure: people want to get to know other people; it is human nature to be curious about those around us. Our programs offer an easy opportunity for people to learn about each other in an informal environment.

Can you suggest prizes to give to the winning teams?
Gold bullion, before the ".com bubble burst," was the hands down the number one, best prize. Now, we recommend a more practical approach, basically you should choose some thing that is relevant to the event and memorable. For a wine country adventure, a bottle of wine or a nice corkscrew might be appropriate, but the Napa Valley Monopoly game might make a real impression. We will of course provide medals with your company logo printed in color. We have lots of items to choose from, just ask your sales associate.

How long have you been doing this?
What, writing these FAQs? Far too long I’m getting a little punchy actually...I suppose you want to know how long have we been a Team Building Company...Well, I started working here in May of 1997, and although I like to think they were nothing without me, I hear that they were running pretty cool programs for at least 5 years before I got here. So, by team building company standards, we’re like tenured professors.

What is the most disastrous team building event you’ve ever heard of?
Well, one company, that will remain nameless, invited their 75 employees to a lunch at a nice hotel. When they got there they found #2 pencils and a 100 question, fill in the bubble style, personality test. Upon completion they found out that “management” had also hired a group psychologist to analyze their group dynamic and “get to the root of why they were not acting as a more cohesive working unit?” That company is now kaput. You do the math, head shrinkers or heads thinking.

Do you have a website?
We had one, but the cleaning lady got it with the broom.