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MARCH 1995
VOL. 9 NO.2

" Meetings Reach New Heights"
by Judy Williams

So you say morale is low and productivity decreasing. Have you tried swinging from the trees together?

You could put your group around a table and talk to them all day about teamwork. Or you could have them duke it out in a sumo wrestling ring. Believe it or not, the latter happens all the time.

Since the late 1980s, the means by which companies set out to boost morale and accomplish goals have taken a unique path. Corporations of every size are trying to promote teamwork by providing interactive, enjoyable team-building exercises (also known as experiential training). The "corporate retreat" has also evolved, with team building as one of its most popular extensions...

...Many experts and meeting planners now agree that team-building activities are often a more effective meeting or training method than indoor meetings or classroom training-and team building can offer the added benefit of enhanced cooperation back at the office...

...Let's Get Physical or Not

Inarguably, some level of physical activity plays an important role in many team-building exercises. Team-building games are usually very physical and fun," said John Wilkinson, president and owner of Total Rebound Interactive Games in Napa, Calif. "People are more active these days, and instead of standing back and watching, they want to be a part of the entertainment." Wilkinson's company specializes in interactive games, including human bowling, Velcro wall-jumping (made famous by David Letterman on his late-night show), the human sling shot and a myriad of other games. About 90 percent of Total Rebound's customers are corporations. If you want to bond, but some members of your group can't or won't join in wall-jumping or other physical activities, there are many other options. For example, Murder on the Menu of Oakland, Calif., prepares and customizes "thinking" team-building activities and dinners, often in conjunction with a murder-mystery theme...


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