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Reprinted with permission by Meetings & Conventions Magazine


Ropes courses getting old? Stumped for something new and different to get your attendees to play better together? Go up on the Web to get some ideas. Total Rebound Interactive Games [] has a colorful site that's full of suggestions.

Clicking the "games" button gets you a listing of all the oldies and goodies Total Rebound has to offer, but the "new stuff" button reveals some funky events. A couple of the latest include the Indy 500-style fun of motorized barrel racing around a vinyl track or the "because it's there" challenge of climbing a 28-foot inflatable mountain to a "snow-covered" crest. Or there's human darts or human shuffleboard, for those who want to be the playing piece.

Total Rebound's page of links has a twist or two for those who are used to moving from meeting site to meeting site. Sure, there are the requisite links to Meeting Professionals International and the Napa Valley CVB, but you can also travel to learn the story of Velcro, jump to the trampoline home page or grab hold of Sumo World.

RFPs and checklists. Soon to be the first anchor tenant of the Meetings Industry Mall [], Holiday Inn Select hotels are busy putting up pages that answer every question a meeting planner could have. The home page [] went up in June, with a clickable map to get you to the property of choice.

Two nifty features highlight the home page. One is a corporate request for proposal, where you can enter your meeting specs and then indicate all the properties you want to send it to. The second, called "Perfect Meetings' Worksheets," are checklists you can have e-mailed to you. The 17 subjects include "hotel requirements - preliminary screening" and "check-list for one week before the meeting." The best part is, you can check the box next to each of the forms you want, type your e-mail address in the appropriate box, click the "request" button, and they all show up in your e-mail box.

The three properties online so far - the Atlanta Peachtree Corners [], the Atlanta Perimeter [] and the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport [http://www.hiselect. com/flaclwapt]-all have RFPs, meeting-room diagrams, restaurant menus, a link to local information and comments from satisfied clients.


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