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7/11-7/17 1997
Play equipment firms duke it out over trade secrets.

Two East Bay businesses founded on creating fun and cooperation among corporate employees are themselves embroiled in a legal battle that began as an employer/employee dispute.
Total Rebound is suing its former employee and newest competitor claiming he stole information on ven dors and customers and absconded with business ideas in violation of a confidentiality agreement.

Skip Smith was a sales associate at the Benicia-based Total Rebound for a year before going across the Carquinez Strait to Pacheco. There he opened his own interactive games rental and teambuilding service on January 28...

...Wllkinson's attorney, Michael Bettinger of San Francisco, said he has an e-mail note Smith wrote in which he admits to taking contracts with customers and vendors out of the office and copying them on outside copy machines. Bettinger said that e-mail is "the smoking gun" that convinced Plan-It Interactive to agree to a court order prohibiting them from using Total Rebound's trade secrets...

... Smith conceded that Plan-lt Interactive acquired one of the games Total Rebound just designed.

"We are probably going to resolve the entire thing without any money changing hands, it is really a misunderstanding more than anything else by Total Rebound," said Miroglio, representing Plan-It Interactive.

Wilkinson disagrees.

"I'm very angry about it," he said. "As far as I'm concerned it was corporate theft, things were stolen from us."




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