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September 2001
--PV Harding


"You've been marooned on an uninhabited island. Your tribe has nowhere to go and there is no way off. Cell phones PDAs and pagers have been confiscated. No cappuccinos, no sushi, no massages and no pampering. Nada. No one will even hear you scream! Who will survive?"

Your team, we hope! In fact, ditto that the whole company Team Events and Total Adventures has devised an all-new set of team-building challenges based on the ultra popular "Survivor" series. Lie any team-building initiatives, these test a group's ability to communicate and collaborate. Teams get to choose from 12 different Survivor challenges some stressing more physical endeavors others focusing more on brain power. Various "adventures" may include an island exploration exercise with GPS receivers and Polaroid cameras, a weapons challenge with blowguns, crossbows, spears ad bola throwing; a mini-raft building and racing challenge and tribal chant musical performances.

After the challenges are complete "the tribal council" meets and the "tribes" perform their mystical chant and cast their banishment votes. Survivors form alliances along the way and tribes may partner with one another to outwit the competition.

The beauty of the team-building package is that it can be done almost anywhere-from the great outdoors to a hotel room.

Brought to the New York Metro area this past June...the survivor team-building series has already met with great success. Recent clients have included The Boston Consulting Group, Morgan Lewis, and the First Union Bank.

For more information contact Total Rebound at 800-4-REBOUND. You can also tour the challenges at


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