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January 17, 2002 << Back

Travel Feature
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Christina Valhouli,

Total Rebound/Total Adventure

Preparing for downsizing.

Total Rebound and its sister company, Total Adventure, appeal to the geek and wanna-be spy in all of us. This 12-year-old company specializes in creating immersion, role-playing adventures in locations such as San Francisco's Pac Bell Park, The Presidio and the USS Hornet. For the High Seas Adventure, a group is brought on board and taken to the bowels of the Hornet.

"It's all very ominous and Mission Impossible," says CEO John Wilkinson. Staff members will do things like dress up as naval officers and give team members "assignments" that will test their problem-solving skills. In some instances, participants are given GPS receivers, sent on a scavenger hunt and then build six-foot-long rockets that launch off-deck. "All the Silicon Valley engineers eat that up," says Wilkinson. "I mean, you get to blow stuff up!"

After the explosions, there is a de-briefing where teams discuss their strategies and what worked the best. Total Rebound/Total Adventure will plan immersion activities anywhere in the world for clients. Other popular activities are sumo wrestling (they provide you with huge body pads) and the Botero Counterfeit Challenge in Hawaii, where participants sculpt replicas of plump earth goddesses. "It's not the most politically correct activity so it's not right for everyone," says Wilkinson. Just imagine the photos in the company newsletter. Prices vary depending on location, but start at $100 per person.

Total Adventures
6610 Goodyear Rd.
Benicia, Calif. 94510
Phone: (707) 748-0117 x102
Fax: (707) 748-0116


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