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Unsusual Team Challenges

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What Do We Do?
Innovative team building events.A company must continually innovate and reinvent itself if it wants to stay on top. That's what we do, all the time. Companies choose Total Adventures as their team building source again and again, because they recognize our commitment to providing something new and fresh.

We can be a valuable tool to your company. Our creative department creates amazing challenges and programs fused with a unique brand of fun that energizes, rejuvenates and educates everyone involved. Although most of our programs are customized for our clients, we have many incredible "right out of the box" activities just waiting for your group to experience. When was the last time you fired six foot long missiles off the deck of a real aircraft carrier? You haven't? Oh, you really need to get out more often.

Introduce new products.Total Adventures goes way beyond team building. Call us to introduce new products with a bang, provide an ice breaker or boost morale. We blow away general sessions with engaging, ingenious, multimedia game shows. And oh, by the way, anytime an ordinary event just won't cut it; we're the people to call. Total Adventures will be an experience that will have long lasting effects on your staff; and not just as a group, but on a personal level too.

Why Total Adventures?

Diminishing social interactivity at the office is rampant and Total Adventures is the antidote. Promote Team Bonding with our Team Building Challenges.Wouldn't it be great if you could go to a supply room and grab a giant bottle of glue that would bond people into an effective team? Alas, there is no simple way to transform individuals into team players. But when people play, create and achieve together something magical happens. They begin to learn important things about one another. Interpersonal relationships grow, morale improves and cooperation increases. And guess what? By reducing adversarial encounters employee performance sky rockets. Fostering a team approach doesn't have to be a formidable task. The Total Adventures difference? We make training fun, engaging and frankly, amazing!

What Can You Expect?
The first thing we do is determine what key messages need to be delivered and what goals you have for the program. We then design a custom program around those key elements. Second, we develop a program incorporating your company's culture with the activities and challenges that best suit your group’s dynamic. Some firms choose to wrap the program with an in-depth observational debriefing. Can do. We even provide follow up sessions to reinforce issues and further translate the experience to the workplace.

There is always a sense of fascination and curiosity when we arrive and begin setting up. We can tell people are wondering "What are they going to do with that giant catapult? What are all those grapes for?" And you know what? They smile. It's a special kind of smile too. Their inner child switch flicks on and they're lit up like a Roman Candle. That's our secret...we get people to smile.

We offer team bulding challenges that require mental AND physical by the participant.

The fusion of professional facilitation and unique challenge programs involving the brain and body is an unbeatable combination. Getting people out of their seats, mobilized, viscerally involved with each other overturning stereotypes. We provide a relaxed environment where training, teamwork and fun happen in sync.

What Types of Programs are Available?

Our challenge menu is a regular smorgasbord of unique programs that bring people together. Enjoy clicking through the pages of this website for descriptions of adventures, programs, challenges and contraptions we offer. You'll marvel at some of the ingenious devices that have escaped from our designers' fertile brains. Then try to imagine your staff, not hard at work, but hard at play on those same contraptions...learning about one another, talking, laughing, and problem solving…together. Because, that's what happens with Total Adventures; we connect people through play.

Have your recent team building and training programs seemed a little out of date?

Corporate team building that is fun.

We can fix that.
Now….reviewing our entire web site is a daunting task. For additional details on any of our programs you can call our office and visit with one of our sales associates (800-473-2686). They will walk you through the myriad of options available.

Boost the morale of your team.We know how important your event is and how careful everyone must be with their training dollars. Beware of companies that offer the same tired team building games year after year. Hint: if you see "Build A Boat", “Ropes Course” or “Murder Mystery” on their challenge list, run for the hills! Your company and or clients deserves forward thinking, creative, fresh ideas. That is all we offer! Our programs motivate, inspire, improve communication and address a plethora of other HR related issues. Oh yeah, they are also a kick in the pants!

Themed Adventures
Remove barriers that isolate team members.Participating in a Total Adventure themed program is a bit like jumping into an electrifying movie and becoming part of the action. We immerse you in an atmosphere completely unlike any other team activity available. We start every Total Adventure by demolishing the barriers of day to day life by providing an inventive story line that will instantly transport your group to a place where fun reigns over all. In this environment, bonding and learning occur more freely between people. In addition to your body, we ask you to use your imagination, a far more powerful mode of transportation. This is a key departure from programs that concentrate on either physical or mental challenges, but not both. We have designed every Total Adventure to promote group thinking and strategic planning. No single person could ever hope to tackle one alone. A Total Adventure is a demanding activity requiring the use of all your team's mental and physical assets. Your group will walk away from the event with a strong bond, forged by the hurdles they've conquered.

Interactive Activities for Parties & Events
We have a sister company named Total Rebound that is more than just fun and games. Their consistent attention to detail, service and professionalism make them the first choice of meeting and event professionals everywhere. Whether you're looking for a complete sports bar for a formal indoor event, or games and activities for a company picnic, they have it all. We guarantee you'll be delighted with their friendly, energetic and professional staff.

More Questions?
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